STRYDER MK V Octo (pre-order only)

Octrorotor survey drone with sony camera

  • Accurate 3x GSD results with no ground control
  • 42mp full frame Sony RX1R II camera
  • Sunlight readable Panasonic Toughbook
  • Dual battery redundancy
  • Octorotor redundancy
  • Extended flight time
  • Extreme wind resistance
  • Made in Canada
MK I Pro Octo

Unrivaled efficiency

Approximately xxx acres can be flown in a single flight of the MK I Quad drone which is completed in approximately xx minutes at 3400 feet above sea level.


All Stryder drones use the same base station, laptop and transmitter so upgrading or adding to your fleet is easy


Training is perhaps the most important element to drone operations. Epoc will provide professional level drone operations training with the sale of each drone at our test site near Calgary Alberta. Contact us to learn more.

“One Button” operation

So easy anyone can do it.
Simply press the one button on the drone and wait for the beep and green flashing light.
Now set your flight path, fly the drone and when you land press the “One button” again and you are done.
Data is transferred automatically to the USB drive for processing back at the office just like the base station.


All Epoc drone batteries are intelligent so it’s easy to verify that the charge status, balance status and temperature parameters are within spec prior to flight.
All Epoc drones are supplied with professional chargers to match the battery specifications and setup / tested prior to delivery.

OBS Base Station option

The easiest base station you will ever setup

Stryder drones can come with the base station as an option. Or you can use your own base station. However once you try the OBS you will never pack your traditional tripod and base station into your truck again. 

Ground Control Station (GCS)


All Stryder drones use the same field proven, sunlight readable toughbook.

Optional ground station casing available similar as shown

Professional RC transmitter controls are supplied with all Stryder products

Drone case

Surprisingly portable

Stryder drones come in their own Pelican style case with professionally cut foam making them portable and dust / water proof on the job. All Stryder cases fit through a standard door so you won’t have to leave the drone in your truck at the hotel.


Works with all Epoc series drones

Of course, the TAGR software works with all Epoc series of drones so upgrading is easy with nothing new to learn.


Rotor to rotor dimension: TBDmm (TBD”)
Rotor diameter: TBDmm (TBD”)
Maximum takeoff weight: TBDkg (TBDlbs)
Battery type: 6S 22ah intelligent battery

Made in Canada

All components are sourced and assembled in North America

Epoc products are North American made with 90% of materials and labour coming from Canada.
All Epoc prodcuts are hand assembled and tested by a real person prior to shipping.


We all know that the best hardware needs the best training. If you need flight instruction training or survey training or just a refresher course, we can help you get on site with confidence.

Contact us to order or ask a question