About Epoc

EPOC Unmanned inc. was founded in 2009 by Gregory Robottom and Steve Kloppenburg. Tired of overley complex suveying gear and existing drone systems the primary goal was to make drone surveying more simple, reliable and rugged with proper customer support.

Gregory Robottom

Professional Engineer /

Drone pilot

Gregory Robottom…


Drone Designer /

Drone Pilot

25 years of oil and gas design / field experience has given me an appreciation for simplicity.  After running a successful drone service company I felt it was time to move into a space where I could make the changes I was looking for in the hardware I was using.  With over 15 years designing, building and testing drones for commercial applications it was time to build a better drone for the professional surveyor. We set out to do that 6 years ago and I am proud to say the EPOC line up of drones delivers in every way.

Our resources

In house desgin and fabrication

Epoc desgins all drones in house.  All products are hand assembled and tested in Calgary Alberta. Where possible all components are sourced from North America.

In order to protopye our designs as well support our customers Epoc has in house CNC / Laser and 3D printing capabilites.

Software and Hardware

Epoc has maintained consistancy in our staff using the same hardware and software engineers since we started. We feel it is vital when creating a consistent brand and support model to maintain these relationships.

Made in Canada trained in Canada

As many components as possible are sourced and assembled in Canada

All Epoc drones are hand assembled, test flown and proven accurate prior to delivery so that you can be confident in your very first dataset.


We all know that the best hardware needs the best training. If you need flight instruction training or survey training or just a refresher course, we can help you get on site with confidence.

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