(One button survey)

Multi band static logging base station

  • Removes the need to setup traditional survey equipment
  • Gives ability to localize data to users co-ordinate system
  • Easy to use “One Button” operation
  • Made in Canada
  • Works with all other Epoc product lines


Easy to use

The OBS base station provides static base logging for post processing without the need to setup a traditional base station consisting of a tripod etc. Post processing (PPK) provides a more reliable and accurate solution than RTK and reduces setup / take down time in the field.

Works with all Epoc products

The OBS base station is ready to save you money if you upgrade to any other Epoc products. The same base will continue to work for all Epoc drones.

10 hours on one charge

The base station lasts all day long so you don’t have to worry about losing your data.

Easy “One Button” operation

So easy anyone can do it (if you have a finger)
Simply press the one button, wait for the beep and green flashing light.
Push the button again and all data is copied to the USB stick for easy processing back at the office.

Phase centre mark for localization

Antennae phase centre is placed perfectly at the dimple in the top of the base. This allows for you to “Tag” the base and shift your data to your site specific local co-ordinates easily using global mapper or similar.


Easy to use

Our TAGR software takes care of the post processing and geo-tagging for you.
Software is included with purchase and with just a few clicks photo positions are processed in minutes. 

Works with all Stryder series drones

Of course, the TAGR software works with all Stryder series of drones so upgrading is easy with nothing new to learn, it’s just a few clicks and you are processing data to cm accuracy.

Made in Canada

All components are sourced and assembled in North America

The base station is 100% North American made with 90% of materials and labour coming from Canada.
The base is also hand assembled and tested by a real person prior to shipping.



Dimensions: 220mm equal side triangle
Weight: grams
Operating temp: -30 to +30 deg C
Ingress protection: IP53


Battery life: 10+ hours on single full charge
Battery type: 18650 x 6
External power for charge: 5v supplied charger
Data transfer: USB drive


Static PPK: H: 0.010m +1 ppm
V: 0.015m +1 ppm

Time to first fix:
Hot start < 5 s Cold start < 60 s Reacquisition < 2 s Signals tracked: GPS, Glonass

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