TAGR processing software

All Epoc hardware comes with software included in the cost of the product and has unlimited updates available to the original owner for life.

Post processing with just a few clicks

Easy to use TAGR software

The TAGR software is easy to use, just point to where your base, drone an photo files are then click start. Any errors are flagged and corrected.

Enter known co-ordinates

Enter known co-ordinates to ensure your survey lines up with the existing site.

Geotag or .csv

We recommend Metashape (using a .csv) for the most accurate solution. However if you require the photos geotagged for other software the TAGR software has that option too.

Made in Canada trained in Canada

All software developed and supported in Canada

All Epoc software has been forged from hundreds of real world data sets solving real world problems.


We all know that the best hardware needs the best training. If you need flight instruction training or survey training or just a refresher course, we can help you get on site with confidence.

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